City Rollerskating Ring


The roller skating rink was constructed and handed over for use in 1962.

The existing complex with an area of about 18000 m2 consists of three parts:

  1. The main platform of the roller skating rink with the spectator gallery:
    • the platform (made of concrete) 30 x 60 m
    • the spectator gallery (made of concrete) 8 x 45 m
  2. Accompanying facility:
    • dressing rooms and sanitary facilities 7 x 12 m
    • a smaller storage facility
  3. A circular track around the complex – made of concrete.

The main part of the facility is illuminated by reflectors mounted on four pillars.



The entire facility is structurally decrepit and therefore only partially useful.
Due to the closing of the Roller Skating and Ice Skating Club, the facility has been mostly unoccupied, except for some occasional events.

In co-operation with the Founder, i.e. the owner, Municipality Velenje, some investment maintenance works were carried out on the main platform in the years 2005 – 2007:

  1. asphalt resurfacing of the main platform,
  2. provision of a futsal/handball ground,
  3. provision of a basketball ground.



The facility is predominantly intended for recreational activities:

  1. outdoor futsal,
  2. basketball.

The facility is occasionally used by schools and kindergartens for their own programmes, and by the Road Safety Council for Safe Cycling courses.

City Stadium


The City Stadium Velenje is one of the largest central sports facilities in Velenje and is, at the same time, the largest outdoor training facility in the city.
The complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the Škale Lake, around 3 km away from the city centre, and it was built in 1955.

Today, the City Stadium complex contains the following: :

  1. the main grass field surrounded by an 8-lane athletic track made of synthetic material. The facility also has an artificial illumination that was set up during the last renovation in 1998,
  2. a roofed spectator gallery with 1864 seats; within the spectator gallery facility, there is a smaller fitness studio for the sportsmen’s needs,
  3. sports dressing rooms and an auxiliary storage facility for storing sports equipment and maintenance machines;
  4. a football field with artificial grass, dimensions: 65 x 100 m , the facility is artificially illuminated,
  5. an auxiliary grass playfield,
  6. an asphalt futsal/handball ground,
  7. an asphalt basketball ground.


The City Stadium operates throughout the year. The training areas and the athletic track are open from 8:00 to 20:00 hours.


The users of the City Stadium are the following:

  1. Football Club Rudar Velenje as the majority user,
  2. Athletic Club Velenje,
  3. Basketball Club Velenje,
  4. Handball Club Gorenje Velenje,
  5. Ski Club Velenje,
  6. Ski Jump Club Velenje,
  7. Women’s Football Club Škale,
  8. Women’s Handball Club Velenje, as well as
  9. primary schools in Municipality Velenje,
  10. the School Centre Velenje,
  11. recreative sportsmen.

In accordance with the contract between Municipality Velenje and the Red Hall – Sports and Recreation Institute, the facility is managed by Football Club RUDAR Velenje.

Pool Velenje


The pool was built in 1971. Unfortunately, the construction works were not of very high quality, and therefore, a part of the facility had to be removed due to defects. In 1984, a new part was built, i.e. the pool’s bed and the engine room.

Despite modernization, the swimming pool and its services soon became too limited for modern time.

A “Modernisation and Expansion of the Indoor Swimming Pool” was therefore carried out in the years 2006/2007.

Today, the Indoor Swimming Pool includes:

The entire area of the Indoor Swimming Pool without the bar amounts to 1164.10 m2, 375.0 m2 of which are water surfaces.
The capacity of the Indoor Swimming Pool is 100 persons.

The Indoor Swimming Pool is divided into three thematic complexes

  1. swimming pools:
    • a small swimming pool; dimensions 5.0 x 12.0 m, water depth from 0.80 up to 1.20 m (the pool is intended for non-swimmers and other users),
    • large swimming pool dimensions 12.5 x 25.0 m, water depth 1.80 m (the pool is intended for swimmers only),
  2. fitness studio (on the first floor): area of 70 m2,
  3. sauna center (in the basement): area of 130 m2.





  • Small swimming pool:
    Dimensions: 5.0 x 12.0 m
    Water depth: from 0.80 up to 1.20 m
    Water temperature: 30o C
    Air temperature: 32o C
    The pool has underwater massage nozzles and underwater illumination.
    The pool is intended for non-swimmers and other users.
  • Large swimming pool:
    Dimensions: 12.5 x 25.0 m
    Water depth: 1.80 m
    Water temperature: 27 – 28o C
    Air temperature: 30o C
    The swimming pool is intended for swimmers only.

The Fitness Studio of an area of 67.2 m2 with exercising devices.
The use of devices and equipment is exclusively at the users’ own responsibility.
The equipment in the Fitness Studio:

  • Cardio devices: a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a stepper, an exercise bike,
  • Isotonic devices: bench press, overhead press, leg extension, leg curl, calf raise, Scott bench, abdominal crunch, hyperextension, leg raise, multi-function workout station, fitness cage – a multi-function device,
  • Other equipment: a ball, floor exercise mats, two multi-purpose benches, free weight racks.

THE SAUNA CENTER (in the basement):

  • the Finnish sauna:
    temperature: 70 to 95o C.
    capacity (number of users): 6 – 7
  • the infra sauna:
    temperature: 45 to 60o C
    capacity (number of users): 3
  • the Turkish (steam) sauna:
    temperature: 40 to 45o C (with high air humidity, 45-65%)
    capacity (number of users): 6

A daytime bar/café by the entrance of the Indoor Swimming Pool premises – a visit is possible regardless of visiting the swimming pool. The bar is managed by a tenant who performs drink service activity in accordance with appropriate normative documents and permits.

The Indoor Swimming Pool is used for sports and recreation activities of the Swimming Club Velenje, schools, kindergartens, students of the School Centre Velenje and recreational swimmers. A large portion of operating hours is filled with programmes of swimming tests and courses. Beside all schools from Velenje, schools from municipalities Mozirje, Nazarje, Šoštanj, Šmartno ob Paki, Slovenj Gradec, Rečica ob Savinji, etc., organize their swimming courses here.

Red Hall


The Red Hall represents the largest indoor training and event facility and one of the central sports facilities in Velenje. In 1975, a hall measuring 66 x 66 m was built as a multi-purpose facility. During the years of its operation, the Hall has seen some reconstructions and modernizations, as its architectural design enables adaptation to various programmes.

The Red Hall is located by the entrance into the city of Velenje and represents the beginning point of the green recreation zone located in the immediate vicinity, south of the city center.

The interior of the Hall is organized as a two-floor hall with accompanying premises around the Hall (bars; MAX Club, Winner, Kompas Travel Agency, Gras Gruber, TIC Tourist Information Centre, the Youth Centre Velenje, …). The main exit and service exits are situated in several locations on the southern, northern and western side in the ground floor as well as on the eastern side on the first floor. On this side, the Hall is leaning against a hill and a road.



Ground floor:

  • parter 1600 m2 with parquet floor,
  • central play court area for 1000 visitors,
  • a climbing wall,
  • dressing rooms for sportsmen,
  • judges and recreational sportsmen,
  • sanitary facilities,
  • offices,
  • storage and maintenance rooms.


  • badminton, tennis and table tennis courts,
  • practice area for and squash,
  • two smaller halls for martial arts and aerobics,
  • a smaller room for winter and condition training of the other sportsmen,
  • dressing rooms for tennis and squash players, aerobic dancers and martial artists as well as storage rooms.


The entire ground plan area of the facility intended for sports activities is 4325 m2 and enables a simultaneous training of seven different groups practising different sports.



The Hall operates from September to May, Monday to Sunday, 16 hours each day.



In the morning: physical education lessons for the pupils of the Gustav Šilih Primary School, students of the School Centre Velenje and members of the Occupational Activity Centre Ježek, trainings of Handball Club Gorenje, occasionally Football Club Rudar, Women’s Football Club Škale, the Velenje Sport Association with the school sports programme and recreational sportsmen.

In the afternoon: Handball Club Gorenje Velenje, Women’s Handball Club Velenje, Table Tennis Club Tempo Velenje, Judo Club Velenje, Tennis Club Velenje, The Association for the Disabled Velenje, Pensioners’ Association Velenje, Athletic Club Velenje, Ski Jump Club Velenje, Karate Club Tiger, Fencing Club Rudolf Cvetko, the Šalek Alpine Club Velenje, the Velenje Sport Association with the school sports programme, and the unused capacities are available for the recreational sportsmen.