Pool Velenje

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The pool was built in 1971. Unfortunately, the construction works were not of very high quality, and therefore, a part of the facility had to be removed due to defects. In 1984, a new part was built, i.e. the pool’s bed and the engine room.

Despite modernization, the swimming pool and its services soon became too limited for modern time.

A “Modernisation and Expansion of the Indoor Swimming Pool” was therefore carried out in the years 2006/2007.

Today, the Indoor Swimming Pool includes:

The entire area of the Indoor Swimming Pool without the bar amounts to 1164.10 m2, 375.0 m2 of which are water surfaces.
The capacity of the Indoor Swimming Pool is 100 persons.

The Indoor Swimming Pool is divided into three thematic complexes

  1. swimming pools:
    • a small swimming pool; dimensions 5.0 x 12.0 m, water depth from 0.80 up to 1.20 m (the pool is intended for non-swimmers and other users),
    • large swimming pool dimensions 12.5 x 25.0 m, water depth 1.80 m (the pool is intended for swimmers only),
  2. fitness studio (on the first floor): area of 70 m2,
  3. sauna center (in the basement): area of 130 m2.





  • Small swimming pool:
    Dimensions: 5.0 x 12.0 m
    Water depth: from 0.80 up to 1.20 m
    Water temperature: 30o C
    Air temperature: 32o C
    The pool has underwater massage nozzles and underwater illumination.
    The pool is intended for non-swimmers and other users.
  • Large swimming pool:
    Dimensions: 12.5 x 25.0 m
    Water depth: 1.80 m
    Water temperature: 27 – 28o C
    Air temperature: 30o C
    The swimming pool is intended for swimmers only.

The Fitness Studio of an area of 67.2 m2 with exercising devices.
The use of devices and equipment is exclusively at the users’ own responsibility.
The equipment in the Fitness Studio:

  • Cardio devices: a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, a stepper, an exercise bike,
  • Isotonic devices: bench press, overhead press, leg extension, leg curl, calf raise, Scott bench, abdominal crunch, hyperextension, leg raise, multi-function workout station, fitness cage – a multi-function device,
  • Other equipment: a ball, floor exercise mats, two multi-purpose benches, free weight racks.

THE SAUNA CENTER (in the basement):

  • the Finnish sauna:
    temperature: 70 to 95o C.
    capacity (number of users): 6 – 7
  • the infra sauna:
    temperature: 45 to 60o C
    capacity (number of users): 3
  • the Turkish (steam) sauna:
    temperature: 40 to 45o C (with high air humidity, 45-65%)
    capacity (number of users): 6

A daytime bar/café by the entrance of the Indoor Swimming Pool premises – a visit is possible regardless of visiting the swimming pool. The bar is managed by a tenant who performs drink service activity in accordance with appropriate normative documents and permits.

The Indoor Swimming Pool is used for sports and recreation activities of the Swimming Club Velenje, schools, kindergartens, students of the School Centre Velenje and recreational swimmers. A large portion of operating hours is filled with programmes of swimming tests and courses. Beside all schools from Velenje, schools from municipalities Mozirje, Nazarje, Šoštanj, Šmartno ob Paki, Slovenj Gradec, Rečica ob Savinji, etc., organize their swimming courses here.