City Stadium

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The City Stadium Velenje is one of the largest central sports facilities in Velenje and is, at the same time, the largest outdoor training facility in the city.
The complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the Škale Lake, around 3 km away from the city centre, and it was built in 1955.

Today, the City Stadium complex contains the following: :

  1. the main grass field surrounded by an 8-lane athletic track made of synthetic material. The facility also has an artificial illumination that was set up during the last renovation in 1998,
  2. a roofed spectator gallery with 1864 seats; within the spectator gallery facility, there is a smaller fitness studio for the sportsmen’s needs,
  3. sports dressing rooms and an auxiliary storage facility for storing sports equipment and maintenance machines;
  4. a football field with artificial grass, dimensions: 65 x 100 m , the facility is artificially illuminated,
  5. an auxiliary grass playfield,
  6. an asphalt futsal/handball ground,
  7. an asphalt basketball ground.


The City Stadium operates throughout the year. The training areas and the athletic track are open from 8:00 to 20:00 hours.


The users of the City Stadium are the following:

  1. Football Club Rudar Velenje as the majority user,
  2. Athletic Club Velenje,
  3. Basketball Club Velenje,
  4. Handball Club Gorenje Velenje,
  5. Ski Club Velenje,
  6. Ski Jump Club Velenje,
  7. Women’s Football Club Škale,
  8. Women’s Handball Club Velenje, as well as
  9. primary schools in Municipality Velenje,
  10. the School Centre Velenje,
  11. recreative sportsmen.

In accordance with the contract between Municipality Velenje and the Red Hall – Sports and Recreation Institute, the facility is managed by Football Club RUDAR Velenje.