City Rollerskating Ring

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The roller skating rink was constructed and handed over for use in 1962.

The existing complex with an area of about 18000 m2 consists of three parts:

  1. The main platform of the roller skating rink with the spectator gallery:
    • the platform (made of concrete) 30 x 60 m
    • the spectator gallery (made of concrete) 8 x 45 m
  2. Accompanying facility:
    • dressing rooms and sanitary facilities 7 x 12 m
    • a smaller storage facility
  3. A circular track around the complex – made of concrete.

The main part of the facility is illuminated by reflectors mounted on four pillars.



The entire facility is structurally decrepit and therefore only partially useful.
Due to the closing of the Roller Skating and Ice Skating Club, the facility has been mostly unoccupied, except for some occasional events.

In co-operation with the Founder, i.e. the owner, Municipality Velenje, some investment maintenance works were carried out on the main platform in the years 2005 – 2007:

  1. asphalt resurfacing of the main platform,
  2. provision of a futsal/handball ground,
  3. provision of a basketball ground.



The facility is predominantly intended for recreational activities:

  1. outdoor futsal,
  2. basketball.

The facility is occasionally used by schools and kindergartens for their own programmes, and by the Road Safety Council for Safe Cycling courses.